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Top 10 Sustainable Travel Tips

With tourism accounting for ~8% of total global carbon emissions, it is time we all act to be more sustainable while travelling.

Here are 10 of the best tips to put sustainable travel into practice:

  1. Book non-stop flights. Most carbon emissions are created on take-offs and landings. 
  2. Offset your carbon emissions. Flying is the mode of transportation with the highest carbon emissions, so avoid if possible by taking a car or train. If you have to fly, offset your carbon emissions by donating to projects that are reducing carbon emissions (ie. renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, etc.). The best one to use is Gold Standard as it more accurately prices carbon. I use Terrapass to calculate my carbon footprint. 
  3. Pack a sustainable travel kit. By bringing a kit filled with reusable products, including reusable cutlery, snack bags, reusable water bottle, and much more, you can reduce the amount of waste you leave at your destination. Don't know what to put in your kit? Check out Keepsie Kits for curated sustainable travel kits. 
  4. Travel slower. Avoid the travel itineraries that resemble "5 cities in 5 days". Instead, stay in a place longer. Not only does that let you avoid carbon emission from transportation, it allows you to meaningful contribute back into the local economy. Plus, you will get to know all the hidden gems! 
  5. Act like you are at home when staying at a hotel. This means to communicate to the hotel you do not need your bedding or towels changed daily. 
  6. Take showers instead of baths. Showers use 10-25 gallons of water, while baths use up to 70 gallons.
  7. Say no to hotel laundry. Avoid using hotel laundry, as they typically wash every guest's clothes separately. Instead, bring your own laundry detergent and hand wash in a bath or sink.
  8. Ask a hotel or hostel about their environmental practices before booking. A few suggestions include: (1) Do you have a recycling program? (2) What type of energy do you use? (3) Where does the water come from and is it used sustainably? 
  9. Honour local customs. Research before you travel to learn about cultural traditions to behave appropriately on your trip.
  10. Learn the language. Learn at least a few important words or phrases before travelling to a place and respect the fact they may not speak English. 


About Keepsie Kits

Keepsie Kits curates sustainable travel kits that are super lightweight, making being eco-friendly on adventures possible. Our mission is to inspire sustainable travel which includes providing education and tips. We are a planet-first company, including (i) donating 5% of proceeds to environmental initiatives, (ii) offsetting carbon emissions from shipping our products, and (iii) going package-free. Check us out at


Top 10 sustainable travel tips

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