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Making Sustainable Travel Easy

We are a woman-founded, Canadian company with the purpose of making the switch to sustainable travel easier. Our world is approaching a tipping point, so everyone needs to change their habits so that we can ensure our world stays within appropriate temperature levels. Each of us can make a difference. To help you, we are a one-stop shop for the best lightweight sustainable travel products.

About Keepsie Kits

My story starts back in 2019 when I was working in a job where I travelled internationally most weeks. The unwritten rule of business travel was to only bring a carry-on even though I was gone for a few weeks at a time. Through this travel, I realized how much waste I created as a result of travelling, including using plastic utensils, hotel shampoos, hotel laundry services, and individually packaged snacks. I wanted to find eco-friendly products without sacrificing the precious space in my carry-on. Keepsie Kits was founded to help you find essential, lightweight, and compact products which can make your travels more sustainable.

Our Sustainability Pillars

Planet first, always. We have four key sustainability pillars:

1. Donate 5% of profits: We support Ecotrust Canada, a non-profit organization that focuses on creating sustainable energy and economy for Indigenous communities in Canada.

2. Offset Shipping Emissions: We offset all shipping and transportation carbon emissions by donating to projects with Gold Standard. Gold Standard supports climate and development projects for local communities and ecosystems around the world through robust standards and verified impacts. It has the highest global standards for carbon offsets.

3. No Rush Shipping: While we understand the excitement to receive your Keepsie Kits, we have chosen not to offer rush shipping. By avoiding express delivery, we save the equivalent of up to 4.02 trees each order!

4. Package-Free where possible: We removed unnecessary packaging to reduce our environmental impact. All of our packaging can be reused or recycled. The packaging we use to deliver your order safely is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, printed with soy-based inks and on acid-free paper.